The Positive Advantages With Taking Red Clover

Red clover, which is also known as trefoil, can be obtained in abundance around Europe, western Asia and Northwest Africa and is considered to offer many medical benefits including allergy treatments and relief from menopausal problems. These benefits come primarily from the flowers of the red clover that contain an estrogen type material called isoflavones, which is considered to be very helpful against many health problems.

Important benefits of red clover involve it?s capability to help regulate cholesterol and help ward off heart disease. Red clover can help enhance the levels of good cholesterol and helps in managing the bad cholesterol inside the body as well as improving artery walls stopping the buildup of plaque. When women have undergone their menopause they are considered to be at increased risk of getting cardiovascular associated illnesses and red clover is deemed enormously valuable in fighting this.

Red clover yields other benefits for menopausal women as it can help reduce hot flashes which affect the neck and face areas. This herb can also function as an anti-inflammatory, offering relief from irritation triggered by psoriasis and other skin related conditions. In addition, Red clover can be an effectual medication against coughs as it helps clear mucous buildup.

Red clover is normally obtainable as a health supplement in forms such as tablet or capsule; however you can get it in natural form and add it to your food or drinks as well. However, this herb falls into the dietary supplement category and as such is not controlled to a very high level. For your wellbeing you should only consider obtaining red clover from companies that comply with GMP to ensure the ingredients are safe for consumption. Red clover can function as an anti-coagulant so it is important to emphasize that as with all supplements, caution needs to be taken when thinking about any product to improve your health and it is prudent to visit your doctor or local GP before you start using red clover.